Friday, October 9, 2009


Are you going through a serious situation? Do you need to stay on top of things or else your world, or someone else’s, will fall apart?
It’s ok to laugh right NOW. Give yourself permission.

Does your life currently appear immovable? You wedged between two rocks?
It’s ok to soften your heart right NOW. Give yourself permission.

Does the world seem to have what you want, but you don’t have it? Are you pouting from perceived lack or slight?
It’s ok to smile right NOW. Give yourself permission.

For that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…
(You hear it every day.)
For that which challenges you, makes you deeper.
And that which makes you want to give up, is often that which wakes you up.


Your dreams that slumber deep.
Your courage that has been hidden.
Your love left unexpressed.


For petty grievances.
For hours spent wanting.
For time lost in “why me’s.”


A new attitude.
A bold thought.
An old courage.


One can’t be healed without a healer. Connect to your Inner Physician.

One can’t be taught without a teacher. Connect to Master Intelligence.

One can’t be loved without being lovable. Connect to Divine Love.

“For God so Loved the World”… And you are a part of His World. Praise God in all things…. Including your birth.

"I will lift up mine eyes"…. Look up! Perk up! Cheer up!


And it shall be given.
And you shall receive.
And the door shall be opened.


In your God.
In your Intuition.
In yourself.


To be faithful.
To be honest.
To be real.


All things aren’t easy.
All things aren’t fun.
All things do work for the good.


You may be a tired soldier needing rest from the battle of life.

You may be temporarily out of the game due to illness.

You may be angry, sad, disillusioned, or simply afraid.

You may be joyful and filled with hope.

You may be inspired and ready to rocket.

You may be full of love and ready to share it.

Whatever you are…. You are loved.

Whatever peace you seek…you shall find.

Whatever rage that needs healing … it’s time.

It’s in the effort you receive the glory
It’s in the trust you receive the truth
It’s in the acceptance you receive the miracle.

Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.

Matthew 25; 2

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