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A Japanese poem that begins and ends in 5 lines is called a "Gogyohka." I have become incredibly fond of this type of poetry and wanted to share some of my gogyohka efforts from Twitter poems with you (@ClearlyMeLuise). For some wonderful reading, go to Twitter and search for #gogyohka. You'll see some creative and unique contributions from lots of talented people. The poems might be funny, inspirational, dark, light, but all greatly inspired.  For now - here's a few of mine:

In one gasp / stars appear / as midnight clouds / sail off to bed / and night becomes electric

She feeling worthless /down to last drop of whine /when angels unite /to remind her /she's already been forgiven

Seeing through you / like a butterfly wing / against the sun / your inner light / shines

I love / that she knows / how to squeeze / a spark of sun / from every raindrop

As darkness paints night sky /angels weave dreams /of gold-spun light /shining a path /to your pillow

Infinite love / given by God / to you / just for being / you

lace shawl / left behind / fragrance of orange blossom / he savors unexpected / pleasure

wonder what would happen /if all said what they thought/ and we reacted with respect / upon meeting their heart

Live life / as if it were a poem / don't be afraid to go
deep / see things with your heart / create beauty with your words

It is / never / too late / to start / to believe

As if lost /I wander this life /without a map until /I open
my eyes to God's light /and see His design before me

Ever stronger / ever whole / every day I grow closer / every night/ I thank God

What you see /through a window / depends on the glass /is
it distorted or clear /same with your thoughts

Open window - so much to see / open mind / so much to learn/ open heart / so much to give

Why do they say / fall in love / with you I am lifted / to
higher places / I do not fall, I fly

He paints words / and writes pictures / genius without
genre / heart stretched / by creativity

Often she sleeps / with his head on her breast / until
morning /when sun reminds her / he's not there

Garden conversation / fairies / to butterflies / comparing
wing span / and flight plans

Dancing with / the midnight stars / waltzing through the
sky / the moon is my / mirror ball

More to come soon

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All writing copywrited by Clearly Me Luise™. All rights reserved.

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