Friday, March 25, 2011


With warm and loving attention to your needs,
God wants you to know…

There is a peace that passeth understanding that you seek and that is your birthright. The peace that passeth appearances, the peace that passeth daily news, the peace that passeth understanding is the peace that knows I AM always with you and I AM still in charge. Do you know that I know every hair on your head? Do you know that I am in the center of this storm with you? Without knowing it, you are growing closer to me. And when you recognize it, you are then able to grow closer to my own best good for you. I am your Father and I want all that a loving father wants for His child. Sometimes I have to watch as my child struggles. Sometimes stubbornness or lack of awareness causes you to postpone your highest good. But I am always right there to walk with you, just ASK.

Look at your life and environment. Look at your choices and priorities. Are they the kind that will allow me to fit into your schedule and lifestyle? Ask me to walk with you and I will – if you make room for me. If you believe. If you trust. The “ifs” in your life don’t indicate a provision for my presence. My presence is always with you. The answer to your “ifs” indicates whether you are willing to listen and follow and dedicate time to my Word. It is in your listening that I can speak. Fear is the great abductor of faith. Where there is no faith, there is no vision. Where there is no vision, there is no inspiration. It is close to impossible to hear the gentle voice of clarity and guidance through the piercing din of fear and doubt.

You are not alone as you struggle to build or rebuild all that is precious in your world. I AM with you. I AM your strength – accept it. I AM your comfort – wrap yourself in it. I AM your prosperity -your supply is unlimited. Silence the loud clang of fear and let peace of mind awaken you to your good. All that you want is already within you because I AM within you. My dear and self-shackled warrior, throw off the chains of depression. Free yourself to walk with me into your own lightness of being. Let the Light of God heal your wounds and refresh your heart thus bringing you home to your own indomitable spirit. Where do you go to find the peace that passeth understanding? You come to Me. Where am I? In YOU.

Originally published 10/11/09 - reposted 3/25/11

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Anonymous said...

Great and inspiring. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

C Fab said...

This really helped me today. Thank you so much for this post!!!

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