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Success Needs Inspiration - Experience Unlimited Resources

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Your success depends upon your attitude at the birth of each challenge.

Where do you stand in your view of life? Are you looking up from the bottom and overwhelmed by the climb? Or do you begin every endeavor by programming yourself to success?

Ask God to be your partner. When you form a partnership with God you begin each challenge from the summit. When you ask God to be your partner, that Higher Intelligence is then able to guide and direct you into perfect choices and blessed contacts. You suddenly open yourself to inspiration rather than being motivated by appearances. You are able to see every situation through the eyes of wisdom and you find that each decision becomes the right decision. Faith is an open window that supplies a fresh breath of insight.

How do you do it? You release and let go. You let go and let God. People sometimes look at a positive person and think it’s easy to say everything is ok or to believe that all is working for the good. It’s actually not that easy until you acquire the stamina. It’s much simpler to give up and complain. However, have you noticed complainers don’t stand out because there’s too many of them to recognize their distinct unique qualities? They tend to meld together in a group voice of despair and the stagnation of inactivity. It takes very little energy to give up.

Making the active effort to release, to pull up and out of yourself the kind of faith that moves mountains, takes a deep supply of inner desire for improved circumstances. Asking God to work with you enables you to share unlimited resources. It is in you right now to do just that. It is in your make up and cell structure to better your life if you choose to do so. Are you looking up at a challenge and giving it dominion over you? Or are you standing up to every situation and claiming a partnership with God that leads to success?

You have free will and the decision is yours. If your choice is to ignite that inner power for good in your life and relationships, then begin right now to let go, and let it flow. When you willingly connect with the Highest Source, you link yourself to a world of possibilities never before realized.

Allow the power of faith to take charge. By forming a positive partnership with God you are able to place any challenge into perspective – and WIN!
Thought for the day:

“If God is your co-pilot – switch seats.”

From the book,
"Don't Give Up - Wake Up!"
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