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Note:  Please let it be known that I honor and cherish The Lord’s Prayer as is and as it has stood since first taught in the Sermon on the Mount. ( Matthew 6: 9-13)  and also as we read in Luke 11:1-4. This is not to replace what you already know or believe. This is simply an outlook given to me in prayer. Do not think I want you to replace your own understanding with this one. I ask only that you be open to any additional insight it might awaken.

Our Father

What is the most positive image of a father? He is always there for you. He holds you to his heart. You feel safe and secure and you know that you are always loved and always respected. He doesn’t put you down but forever pulls you up. Your needs are unselfishly met and he knows not only what you need now but also what you will require in the future. His love is unconditional. Use of the word “Our” means His love is for all of us. We are all connected as His children. God is now and forever will be “Our Father.”

Who Art in Heaven

Heaven, not meaning a place in the clouds but a consciousness that is greater and larger than our own small world of thought. God’s Love is Infinite. His Consciousness dwells in unlimited goodness, wisdom and truth and is not restricted by earthly misunderstanding or judgment.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

His name is cherished, honored and revered. Not because we are “supposed to” but because we truly understand His devotion, grace, and fortitude in loving us and being there for us. Hallowed meaning, “honored as holy.” We would never want to disrespect His name and what He stands for whether it be in our actions, speech, or thought. Our faithfulness and depth of awareness gives us the ability to love God, others, and ourselves as He loves us. In doing so we honor His holiness.

Thy Kingdom Come

His Kingdom is His Consciousness. His Kingdom is created by unconditional Love. His Kingdom is constructed with Forgiveness. His Kingdom has its foundation in Honesty and Truth. When His Kingdom comes to our belief, our deepest thought and what we create evolves from that understanding. When His Kingdom presents itself to your heart, open the door Let His Kingdom be a fullness of faith that you live in daily.

Thy Will Be Done

Our Father, let THY will be done – not MY will. How wise to turn our desires to THY will, knowing only happiness, good, and positivity can come from that choice. Many times His will is much greater than anything we ever dreamed. He is “Our Father” who wants to provide the best for His children and always knows what we need.

Our own earthly will is strong and often powerful. We sometimes call it will power. Our gift of free choice allows us to create what we want in time. But when you consider that God’s overview is farther reaching, wiser and more loving than our own, we realize that releasing our little will to the GREAT WILL adds more than we are capable of imagining into our lives. Our own human nature doesn’t always want what’s best for us. Remember, we are the children whose desires are often selfish and sometimes change daily. “Wants” can be influenced by environment, insecurity or greed. Even when they are triggered by a desire to help others, we can still have limited thinking due to our personal vision of life. God Our Father’s will always provides what is best, right, and true to our soul. Allow unlimited thinking to let THY will be done.

On Earth as It is In Heaven

On Earth (our earthly consciousness), as it is in Heaven (God’s unlimited consciousness). Let His will be done in our own personal lives in the same manner in which His Consciousness can be expressed in our personal thoughts and actions. Let our way glorify His way.

Give Us This Day

“Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and ye shall find.” As we do this in faith, it will happen TODAY. NOW. Give us this day what we need. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today. Remember that what we need and what we want might have different values. Are you truly willing to let Thy will be done? What you want might take time but what you need is given on this day as you live in faith. Live in the NOW and believe in your good right NOW. Whatever this day brings can be used to the good if you accept God’s Promise.

Our Daily Bread

Our daily nourishment: that which we need to not only survive but to thrive. He wants us to open our minds to recognize that our daily bread is sustenance and substance for mind, heart, body and soul. This day-to-day provision is a covenant to those who believe enough to recognize it. Our bread is not only our daily need but also our daily good. Accept (recognize) the blessing of His Promise to provide our daily nourishment of mind, body and spirit. Our daily bread fulfills our daily need.

Forgive us Our Debts (Trespasses) as We Forgive Our Debtors (Those Who Trespass Against us)

God’s Kingdom (consciousness) has many pillars (truths) that hold it up and one of them is forgiveness. “Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Dear God, forgive us our sins, transgressions, and wrong choices. Forgive us the debts we owe to others and to You that we haven’t paid. Whether it be money, time, attention, understanding, patience, faith, honesty or love, please forgive the times we have not chosen to provide these gifts to those around us. There are times when our actions or words are selfish or hurtful, yet we are forgiven by Our Father who always sees the honor deep within us and knows we are capable of more.

In turn, as we ask to be forgiven, we want to live in the God Consciousness that teaches us to forgive others their transgressions/sins/actions/words. Forgiving doesn’t mean condoning. You can totally disagree with someone’s words or actions but still ask that the God-Love in you reach out to the God-Love in them and forgive as your Father has taught by example. Some people say they can forgive but not forget. Do you think when God forgives us He remembers everything we did and holds it against us? No. His forgiveness is complete. When we truly forgive we forgive completely. There is no need to bring it up again and again to others or in your own mind. For us to forgive as God does, “on earth as it is in heaven,” we need to let go of the pain as well as the memory. True forgiveness is putting down heavy baggage and walking away free of the burden with judgment and resentment replaced by Love and Grace.

Lead us Not Into Temptation but Deliver Us from Evil

Life is a spiritual journey and we can trust Our Father to help us uphold our strength and courage to always make wise and faithful decisions. When we accept the beauty of changing our earth consciousness into God Consciousness, one of our needs becomes doing that which leads us away from harmful choices or temptations. Positive thinking and spiritual actions lead to the kind of prosperity, health, joy and love we want to create in our lives. As we remove the temptation to complain and criticize and feel sorry for ourselves, we remove the negativity (evil) that keeps us from our bliss. Worry is one of the biggest lures of all but when we replace worry with trust, the floodgates of good open themselves to us. You might think of temptation as being an addiction to a drug or another damaging activity. We are also enticed by habitual feelings of fear, anger, worry or greed. Guide us away from damaging thoughts and we will see clearly our daily good fulfilled

For Thine is The Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever

We have made these requests of You, Lord, knowing that it is Your Infinite Love for us that makes it so. Yours is the Consciousness in which we abide. We give you the Glory, Devotion and our Faithfulness forever.


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