Friday, March 25, 2011

Prosperity Takes More than Money

photo by C Fab

Prosperity isn’t a matter of how much you have but how much you appreciate.

How can you want more when you don’t step up to the plate to praise and thank God for every miracle that shines itself into each day of your life? And yes, there are miracles and blessings in every day. I could make a list for you but then I would be taking your job. Please let no one ever take away your awareness and replace it with his or her own. Allow yourself the time to listen, hear, focus and decide what is truly right for you. I have my own list. Make yours. Own your awareness.
In making this list don’t just be thankful for the big things such as shelter or transportation if you have them. Think also upon the little blessings that make every day unique. Think upon the sunset, the green light when you are running late, the laugh of a baby or child or loved one. Do you know how healing that laugh is to them and those around them? Do you realize what a blessing it is to be there at that exact moment and hear the sound of happiness? When you are there to hear someone’s joy, you are there in the presence of healing. That is the kind of appreciation you might consider when making a list of how lucky you are.

I understand that hearing someone laugh won’t pay your bills. But do you understand that it’s in appreciating the normally unnoticed gifts of Spirit that you reset your laws of attraction? If you worry about money, if you can’t pay every bill, if you look at the appearance of lack in your life, then you need to reset your own inner laws of attraction. You cannot change a problem with the same mind that created it. You can’t draw true good to yourself if it first has to flow through a solid wall of fear and worry. But you can draw it to you like a magnet by using the laws of attraction. Open the gates and let your good flow freely. Your own attitude holds the key.
You have created your life – both good and difficult – exactly as it is. Blame no one. Hold no grudge. A grudge is heavier than any solution. You can’t hold that grudge and hold the solution in the same hand. Open your mind and heart to release the pain and discomfort that has caused you to keep piling more weight onto your grudge. Forgive and release the very anger that closes you up inside and locks in your pain, effectively locking out your good. Once that is done with honesty and willingness, you are ready to make your thankful list. The list won’t help you if written through the limited mind of resentment, but it will help you when written through an unlimited forgiving heart.
Can you look around and see anything at all that indicates the order of the universe? Perhaps a flower poking through a sidewalk? Maybe a spider building an architectural masterpiece of a web? There is surprising joy in recognizing the Divine Order of the universe. When you’re in tune with that, you become attuned to Divine Order in your own life. Divine Order in your own life brings all that you need, when you need it. Ask daily to be shown how to recognize and express Divine Order in your life along with the prosperity it attracts.

 This I ask with all respect. Do not wallow in your pity of self and circumstance. The law of attraction will keep you there. You attract what you believe. Do a check. What do you believe about yourself and your life right now? Reset your inner laws of attraction.
Appreciate not only the large and obvious blessings in your life. Appreciate the little treasures God provides daily. How can you ask for more when you aren’t thankful for the blessings you have now? In turn, focus not on the big things you see as lacking. Rather, focus on the opportunity to recognize the positive that presents itself with every hour. You don’t need to believe me as you read this. Simply take time to do what we recommend for a few weeks, then ask yourself if you feel the reset mechanism transforming your heart, mind, body and spirit to one who experiences the best that can be. All I ask is that you first recognize the gifts that are already here so you can move forward and create the new good you currently desire. Good begets Good. Joy begets Joy. Love begets Love. BE what you want to attract.

Originally published 9/29/09 - reposted 3/25/11

From the book,
"Don't Give Up - Wake Up!"
The Amerille Articles
By Clearly Me Luise ™
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photo by C Fab


Sandy said...

I needed this! Thank you.

Mark V said...

This hits home for me. I needed the inspiration.

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