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Inspriration On the Go!

Some of these thoughts are from my blog writing and come from deep thought and meditation. Others are from inspired moments at the grocery store, doing errands, or just living life as it unfolds. :)

(New original thoughts will randomly be added to the top of this page.)


The following 6 poems are samples of  5-line poems (gogyohka). For more, see post under this one ...

In one gasp / the stars appear / as midnight clouds / sail off to bed / and night becomes electric

She feeling worthless /down to last drop of whine /when angels unite /to remind her /she's already been forgiven

Seeing through you / like a butterfly wing / against the sun / your inner light / shines

I love / that she knows / how to squeeze / a spark of sun / from every raindrop

As darkness paints night sky /angels weave dreams /of gold-spun light /shining a path /to your pillow

Infinite love / given by God / to you / just for being / you

______________________ see more 5-line poems in "Thoughts in 5-Lines"


Inspiration on the Go!

Grief is not a threat to your faith. You can have all the faith in the world yet still cry over someone who has graduated. Let yourself feel all that you can and love as deep as love goes. Grief tells you that you loved deeply. Faith is a promise that your pain will eventually be transformed into joy.
There is so much to get clear in a lifetime. One thing is that you don't have to try so hard. Stop beating yourself up if you are doing so. Just "be." Dance to your own music and sing the song in your heart. Be an inspiration by being strong enough to be unique.

There is a peace that passeth understanding and it dwells within your faith. To heighten your peace, strengthen your faith.

God doesn't wait for you to "get" His message. He waits with you.
Are you looking up at a challenge and giving it dominion over you? Or are you standing up and claiming a partnership with God that leads to success?

It's in the trust you receive the truth; it's in the acceptance you receive the miracle.

If you truly understood how much God loves you, you'd be smiling 24/7 and you'd share that cosmic wonder with everyone.

You were born for a reason. God doesn’t make copies …He makes originals.  
Why try to be someone you're not? Take joy in You... God does.

 Speak to the present. Thy will IS done is a declaration that you know God’s loving flow of good is alive in your life right NOW!

 Instead of asking for circumstances to change, ask what lessons need to be learned in order to generate that change.

The deeper the rut, the harder it is to climb out. Do it NOW! Whatever "it" is, do it now.

Prayer is the easy part. Challenge yourself to believe.  Belief is the energy that powers each prayer.

Give someone a gift today. Be patient with them - and be kind while doing it.

Affirmations are vital inner dialog. Say it, pray it and create it!

 We have group learning processes because our lives are intertwined, but we don’t always learn the same lessons from the same challenge. We each have our own spiritual path.

 We don’t have the right to change anyone else’s growth pattern…even when we want to so desperately – AND -even though we want it out of love for them. We can provide the love but only God and the individual can provide the change.

 To Allow Time is to Allow Growth.
 Real love is unconditional. If you say you love while trying to change someone, you are busier judging than loving.

 My will is limited to my understanding. Thy Will is unlimited. So I pray, THY Will be done.

 Good morning. Good happy. Good healthy. Good love. Breathe it all in and praise God for His grace

 "Children laugh over 300 x a day- Adults laugh only 15." If laughter is the best medicine, no wonder so many adults are ailing.

  God’s clarity sometimes arrives in a whisper. Fear is loud and pushy but insight often tiptoes.

  I’m afraid to fall in love. Do you know the daring it takes? But if your heart knows my heart that well, I’ll ignite my courage and make your wait worthwhile.

  We are all jewels. We are precious in God’s sight; we give value to the earth just by being. Sparkle today and consider everyone you meet to be priceless.

 Loving doesn’t hurt us. It’s our expectations that cause the conflict. Love without strings to feel the joy.

  When I'm in my garden I feel like I'm in church. The flowers are the congregation, the birds are the choir and God whispers His sermon through the breeze.

  When I feel down and ready to give up, my garden reminds me that what's real is the peace I feel amongst the roses.

 It's easy to be positive when everything is going well. But staying lifted when all around you is in turmoil takes well-rewarded stamina. Faith isn't for sissies!

Affirmations replace negative thoughts.  Delete the sad and replace with glad. It's the fastest way to  make positive change happen.

Frazzle me by trying to b what u r not. Dazzle me by being yourself.

Fear is the great abducter of faith. It's impossible to hear the gentle voice of clarity through the loud din of fear.

  Even people who love each other have conflict sometimes.  Remember to make your point without disrespecting the love.

Even if sleep eludes you, the quiet is good for your soul. Turn off the electronics! Get your info from God tonight.

Notice every little beauty in today; a sparrow song, colorful flowers, a child's view of life. Value all and see how prosperous you really are.

Don't let others dictate your beliefs. Listen Inside. Own your awareness.

Every day is a new chance to make it better, do it better, and love it better.

Maybe everything isn't going your way because God has a better way.

It's easy to give up. Making the active effort to pull out of yourself a faith that moves mountains, takes a deep desire for change.

Life is a spiritual journey. Work and play keep us busy but every day also carries the gift of insight if we open our hearts and minds to see, hear, and believe. It's inner growth and insight that gives life purpose.

Life is an inside job. Your thoughts feelings, beliefs and inner dialog do more to determine your future than school, work or relationships.

Grief means you loved deeply. No matter how positive you are, it takes time to let go. Cry until you're finished then rejoin the living cleansed by your tears.

Remember that you are lovable, too. Only accept a relationship that goes both ways. If you are not loved back, move forward.

When looking outward you might see a beautiful view, but when you look inward you see a beautiful YOU.

Faith isn't a thing you read about and mimic. Faith can't be faked. It's a spark of belief that triggers an unquestioning trust within. It rocks!

When the angels whisper you feel a breeze. Listen carefully. Yes, they're talking to YOU.

How can you expect to be truly loved if you are pretending to be someone you're not? If you want true love to find you, take off your mask.

To promote Peace on Earth, make your Piece of the Earth a better place.

New as of 5/22/11

What's your inner fuel? Love? Anger? Faith? Fear? Whatever fuels you also drives you to a similar destination. Anger won't take you to love. Only love will. Fear won't take you to prosperity, only faith will.
Disappointed? Do you try to control or whine about it? Or do you praise God for new lessons and move forward? My direction of choice is forward.
May you feel the Infinite love God has for you deep within your heart today. When you feel how full it is, you'll have to share it or burst! :)


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Life changing. Thank you

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They are all my new favorites.

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I'm sharing the whole thing!

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I love these! Thank you.

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Love the whole blog.

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Words to live by. I love these!!!

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Wonderful. Each one is a classic.

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WONDERFUL! treasure chest of wisdom.

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Amazing. I want the book,

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